Holiday Spirit

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

As a foodie, I look forward to the Holiday's, to give plates and receive plates! But during a time of a major pandemic; we must protect our body, mind, and spirit.

Have you ever said to yourself "why am I angry, agitated, or uncomfortable"?

Without noticing it; we can be in a room full of negative energy and absorb the vibe in the room. There's a such thing as a "Spiritual Transfer"; where the Spirit that is in operation in another has been exchanged to you. I'm sure you can relate to having a disagreement with someone and now you're upset while they're calm. There was a "Spiritual Transfer".

Though this is the season for missile toes and presents; not everyone is living a fairytale life in the North Pole. Before arriving at a loved one's home they may have gotten into a disagreement with a loved one, feeling overwhelmed to meet the expectations of family, lost a job they are ashamed to mention, or battling depression masked with a smile.

We are all journeying on a path that others may not see or understand. And for that reason... I empower you to say a prayer over yourself before allowing others into your home or stepping into someone else's atmosphere.

Protect yourself physically by washing your hands frequently, protect your spirit by saying a prayer over yourself and your children.

"I set the atmosphere of any room that I am in...

I radiate positivity anywhere I go...

I and my children remain in full health...

I am protected by the Creator's loving light...

I walk in faith and not fear...

I am royalty and radiate a vibe impenetrable!

YES, QUEENS AND KINGS! Set your atmosphere in the belief of positivity and protection!

Remember that you are a light that brightens even the darkest shadows. You are powerful, you are empowered, you are a Queen/King!

Tis' the season with peace and love ALWAYS,

Queen Aiz'sha Hanna

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