Sage Home Cleansing

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Peace and love Queens and Kings! Remove the decorative bow around your chakra balancing sage. Then place it in a small pot (something nonflammable).  I recommend putting on music to set the vibe that you want in your home. It’s best to use sounder without words so YOUR intentions for your home is set. I usually play the sounds of water or meditation music. Any sound that relaxes and soothes your mind. Once the music is on, your feeling strengthened, and the sage is in a pot lets begin. Burn the bundles, making sure it’s lit well because it will go out if it does not have a strong flame.  (Should be able to use the sage 3-6 times depending on how long you burn the sage). Once the cleansing herbs are burning:  -close your eyes -take a deep breath Inhale positivity, exhale the negative  -take another deep breath Inhale strength exhale fear -take another deep breath Inhale purity exhale toxins -take another deep breath Inhale self love and exhale self doubt Now that your feeling empowered... walk through your home (each room, patio, stand by your front and back door). Waving the fumes around the doors, TVs and windows to block any outside energy) and say what you want to radiate through your home... Here’s a few affirmations you can say and feel free to speak how you feel led as you walk through your palace... “ My home is a place a peace.  I (my child/ren) am healthy and strong.  My self love deepens every day.  The atmosphere is cleansed of anything that does not belong.  Only positivity & love will dwell here.  All past negativity is gone and detoxed from my home.  My family has a bond that grows daily and my home is a haven of Gods love, light and protection.  Amen! ” Once you have charged your atmosphere, take a deep breath and see the affirmations as done! Envision your home with a shield of protection around it, see your bond growing with your family... as you see it embrace it and be empowered! Set the sage down somewhere you feel you would want purified the most (like your bedroom or bathroom, wherever you spend the most time). And let the flame go out on its own. 
Feel recharged, cleansed and be empowered!

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