Blacker The Berry Soap

Blacker The Berry Soap


The benefits of this product will enrich your melanin glow. With dried herbs like hibiscus flowers, black seed, dried berries containing vitamins A & C to name a few. Made with chunks of cocoa butter that will hydrate and exfoliate. Allow the herbs to reduce age spots, wrinkles, breakouts, and breaks-down dead skin cells aiding in wound healing. Yes Queen and Kings, glow!


In honor of Juneteenth, this product was created to honor #BlackLivesMatter movement!


As I love being creative; each soap will have the same ingredients but a different shape with a different message. This month it’s a heart with a message of self-love. Next month the soaps are shaped like a flower to remind you to keep blooming! Enjoy the message, products, and be empowered!

Upgrade to Little Black Box: Black
  • Little Black Box

    Upgrade your box for a extra vibe!

    Includes floating bath  candle, chakra sage, and exfoliating mesh bag.




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