Lemon Drop Soap

Lemon Drop Soap


Lemon Zest with a positive vibe! Cold-pressed saponified with lemon leaf, olive oil, calendula, and African shea butter. Its major benefits are inflammation reducer, skin brightening, antibacterial, soothes eczema, reduces irritation and inflammation.


The citrus aroma boosts positive energy and wakens your royal vibe.


Because I love being creative; each soap has the same ingredients BUT a different shape with a positive message. This month you may receive a heart with a message of self-love. Next month's shape is a flower, reminding you to keep blooming! Enjoy the message, products, and be empowered!


4 ounce soap, comes with an exfoliating mesh bag.

WARNING: don’t use mesh bag on scabs or open wounds, it will further irritate your skin!!

  • Little Black Box

    Upgrade your box for a extra vibe!

    Includes floating bath  candle, chakra sage, and exfoliating mesh bag.




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