Sweet Yoni Tea

Sweet Yoni Tea

For Maximum results:
Mix well, then dispense two tea spoons of herbs into your tea infuser (not included). Once you have brung your spring water to a boil add your infuser. 

To ensure the herbs benefits are maximized, use spring water, and organic honey. The content of the tea jar will at least 5 days (depending on how many scoops of tea you use in your diffuser).

Main Ingredients and their benefits:
•Cinnamon- burns belly fat, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic 
•Sage- eases menopausal symptoms, fights cancer and provides antioxidants
•Peppermint- improves sleep, boost calmness, relieves congestion and bloating 
•Black Seed- treats digestive tract conditions, pain reliever, fertility and maintains skin elasticity




Based in South Florida

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