“What Waist” Beads

“What Waist” Beads

In Southern parts of Africa waist beads are used to represent feminine strength, sensuality and spiritual well being. 

Some Queens rock their beads to measure weight loss. If the beads feel tighter or loosen, you know you have either gained or lost in your mid section Queen. Others may rock them for manifestations, fertility affirmation, new chapter or simply a fashion statement. Whichever the reason I’m here to empower! 

Using colors that represent the balance you may seek or the style that boosts your vibe.

You can wear them until they pop, symbolizing the completion of your journey with them. Moving on to your next level of empowerment with a new and customized waist bead. At the time of check out, include the meaning or style you would like AND YOUR MEASUREMENTS!! 

If you are in South Florida and need me to measure you, please let me know by contacting me directly. I’d love to help!
If you do not have measuring tape, I got you covered. Click the link below for DIY measuring tips:





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