Yoni Pearls

Yoni Pearls

The womb detox, ‘Yoni Pearls’! 

Being a natural and organic based product that is gentle enough for the most sensitive Yoni’s. but strong enough for the toughest pelvic floor. Killing bacteria, removing old scar tissue and, dead inner tissue. The pearls become absorbed by the body, healing old wounds and regulates hormones. 

Some of the main ingredients of  ‘the Yoni Pearls’ are: 
-Motherworth, helps to regulate menstrual cycle while removing toxins around the perineum area
-Angelica, treats menopausal symptoms, cramps and PMS
-Osthol, treats fungal infections and boost fertility. -Borneo, reduces pain and hot flashes while tightening the vaginal muscles.

Each purchase comes with 6 pearls. For best results, use this check list to hear when your ‘Yoni’ is calling for a ‘Pearl’ to use:
- after mensuration
- while experiencing an UTI (urinary tract infection)
- unbalanced PH
-infertility cycle
-PCOS (poly cystic ovaries)
- BV (bacterial vaginitis)
- discharge discoloration
- Yoni odor
-yeast infection 
- 4-6 weeks after child birth

Pearls can be used only four days after end of menstrual cycle. Avoid sexual intercourse during use of Pearl. If sexual intercourse is necessary, please take out the pellet and clean Yoni with “Peppermint Flower Soap”. Pearls cannot be reused to protect crossed infection when it is taken out halfway. 

Fibroid, Ovarian Cyst and other intense cases require that you insert 2-3 Yoni Pearls at once. Day 1-3 you may experience some mild irritation or itching. This is the herbs doing  its work! Keep opening to Yoni and urethra clean. Use Pearls 3-6 times monthly depending on Yoni health. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me Queen!




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