As we experience life’s beauties and chaos, we must create balance. Whether you are going through a breakup or connecting with newfound love. Maybe you're in need of healing from past trauma. Whatever chapter you are on in life, whichever curve ball comes your way... there is a service that caters to uplifting, encouraging, and empowering you on your journey!  Feel free to contact me to receive a consultation for personalized service.



As an empowerment coach; meditation is about providing you with the tools to allow your thoughts to fuel you and not rule you! Meditation helps overcome, empower and grow from within.

This session deepens your connection with your partner. Whether you both are trying to strengthen your bond, release past hurt, raise sexual vibrations, elevate your communication or trust. The act of meditating together allows for synchronization of energies and both individuals to learn to flow as one.



Looking to strengthen your bond with your family and friends then this session is perfect for you all. Groups sessions can be customized for any occasion I will also be holding open invite group sessions. Where you can meet like-minded individuals, network and gain new friendships. This service has been proven to help individuals with self confidence and social anxiety. 


A tool that connects you with your inner Queen/King; allowing you to nurture your sexual nature and connect with your divine femininity. This meditation provides healing to your womb. Breathing life into your reproductive system with each breathe you take throughout this session. After bearing children and experiencing hormonal imbalances our wombs require healing, restoration and rejuvenation. Studies have shown that Yoni Meditation has increased fertility and orgasmic energies.


Whether it is from past traumas, losing a loved one, going through a divorce or battling depression. Reiki (is a healing technique that channels loving energy) it has the power to change those mental and physical blockages. Reiki has the manifested power to restore health; such as cancer, hypertension, infertility and heart diseases. Each crystal holds a healing power that once placed on the area of concern, can draw out the ailment.

Crystals have a magnetic positive and grounding energy. Once combined with other crystals, it can serve as an empowerment tool: with Creators love and cleansing power; these certified crystals infused with Reiki will  strengthen you. Allow me to create crystal sets based on your desired empowerment needs. Also providing Chakra balancing crystal sets.



The moist heat of the yoni steam bath has medicinal cleansing properties , detoxifying and healing the womb. Increasing fertility, hormone balance and blood flow in the pelvic bowl while supporting your overall vaginal health. 


You may experience an intense emotion due to your foundational beliefs and character traits developed in adolescence. Intense emotions lead to intense reactions and intense thought patterns. What is holding you back from embracing your full potential? Whatever battle you may face there is a root to uncover and overcoming power to be embraced. Let's uncover that blockage and heal your Chakras.




What is a spiritual retreat? Generally speaking, it is a time that is spent apart from the ordinary workings of society – a time of rest and reflection. Even a busy parent or executive needs a period to relax and return to an awareness of the spiritual life.

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